So you think you can MENTOR?

Hi there! We are excited that you want to join us as a mentor at ETHBerlin. We will have hundreds of hackers at the event who will need…

So you think you can MENTOR?
Accurate mapping of how we are aiming to pull this out

Hi there! We are excited that you want to join us as a mentor at ETHBerlin. We will have hundreds of hackers at the event who will need help during the weekend to build their projects and make their ideas a reality. As a mentor, you will be able to use your experience and skills to support the teams who are building their projects during the hackathon. If you haven’t done so already, please send in your info here so we have your contact details. You’ll be in good company with the other mentors from teams like Parity, 0x, Colony, Centrifuge, Ocean Protocol, MakerDAO, and more.

What You Are Signing up for

We will have a diverse crowd at ETHBerlin and want to make room for collaboration and building great things. To get the mentorship team on the same page and support the hackers in the best way, here are a few guidelines that we ask you to agree to as a mentor.

  • You are mentoring 1st and hacking 2nd: As a mentor, your main focus is to support other hackers and teams. If there is time and space to work on your own project, then by all means, please do. But keep in mind that supporting others will be your first priority during the event. This way we can ensure that everyone gets the support they might need.
  • Be available and welcoming: As a mentor, you are there to help. You agree to be available throughout the whole event and welcome hackers and their questions free of judgement. Asking for help is not always easy, hackers who reach out to you with their problems count on you to help them. Of course, sleep, eat, and rest :) But be available.
  • Be supportive but let the hackers do their own work: Hackers will look to you for guidance and support. You are there to help and guide but you are also there to let them build their project — not build it for them. Let them do their work and be as supportive as you can along the way.

Preparing for ETHBerlin

  • Mentor prep-call: We will have a Hangout for all the mentors two weeks before the event to talk through logistics and answer any questions you might have. Please try to attend this one. An invite will come via email.
  • Read your email: In the weeks leading up to the event, you will receive an email with more details & logistics.
  • Spread the word: Do you know hackers who might want to join? Do you know folks who would make a great mentor? Any groups or meetups who could share info about ETHBerlin? This is a community event — please spread the word! and @ETHBerlin

Communication Channels

We will use Riot and Status for communication during ETHBerlin. We will have two mentor-specific rooms set up. One for internal communication for mentorship related organization and one for teams to reach out to mentors and seek assistance.

Article by Phillip Stehlik who stewards the mentorship task force at ETHBerlin