More Speakers for 2.5 The Talkshow + Sign up for Free!

Finally, some debates and speeches that are not gonna make your ears bleed: introducing the second batch of 2.5 the Talk Show guests! Also…

More Speakers for 2.5 The Talkshow + Sign up for Free!
Oh God, she’s everywhere.

Finally, some debates and speeches that are not gonna make your ears bleed: introducing the second batch of 2.5 the Talk Show guests! Also, in case you just want to join the event without learning about the speakers, scroll down to the bottom, you’ll find a typeform and we’ll send you the access link asap.

We’re in November already and that means, it’s time for the only thing that matters in the world: our online event. We’ve been having a lot of fun selecting speakers and reading applications, and we’re ready to present the second batch. Since our agenda is quite packed, we’re not taking any more applications — but we’ll have a third speaker announcement.

For the sake of completeness, we’ll also publish the full list down below. But first, the newcomers! This time, we are happy to announce that the super awesome multi-media artist Arvida Byström will be joining us, both for an art initiative alongside Foundation, and to speak in the Talk Show. Arvida, in case you have been living under a rock, has been one of the first female artists to use social media, selfies, body image, and sexuality in her works and has managed to gather, thanks to her incredible talent, a large following, and huge mainstream brands as collaborators. Also on the art front, Lindsay Howard, the head of community for Foundation will be hosting an NFT panel with more artists, so stay tuned!

On the ETHBerlin alumni front, we’ll also have Fredrik Haga from Dune Analytics, AKA the one platform our lives have been dependent on during the DeFi hype. Speaking about DeFi, we’ve obviously invited Ashleigh Schap (Uniswap, what else?), who obviously needs no introduction, and will be schooling us all on the topic as per her usual.

Jinglan Wang from Optimism has also been dragged into this. We love her candor and her work, and this time, she was not gonna escape our claws. The same applies to the one and only Eva Beylin (Graph Foundation) and to our favorite ArgenTexan of all times, Mr. Evan Van Ness who’ll be our anchorman du jour. Harsh Rajat, from the very needed Ethereum Push Notifications Service (because if you get push notifications from that facetuning app shit you got in your phone, then why not get better ones?) will also be joining.

Elena Giralt from Electric Coin Company has been preparing a special project for this occasion, which we will continue in collaboration, and she’ll present it at the Talk Show! 3box’s Danny Zuckerman (and my autocomplete obviously wrote Zuckerberg) will be with us as well, doing some storytelling as he promised.

Of course, there is no talk show without hosts, and we couldn’t decide on only one. So not only have we brought the legendary Chjango Unchained to host one of our panels but also, Erica Kang will drop her show to be our host. Ah, and Simona Pop is having a book club. We forced her.

The DoD crew (so Stina, Helena, Franzi, MP, Tupac, Raul and others) will also be around here and there in unspecified roles. And we’re going to host a DeFi and a community panel, but let’s save those for the final blogpost.

We’ll be hosting the event on, sign up here and you’ll get the link soon:

Full speaker list (to be continued)

Abbie Titcomb


AJ Adams

Allie Eve Knox

Arvida Byström

Ashleigh Schap

Chjango Unchained

Danny Zuckerman

Fredrik Haga

Elena Giralt

Eva Beylin

Evan Van Ness

Harsh Rajat

Jinglan Wang

Josh Cincinatti

Leigh Cuen

Lindsay Howard

Matt Condon

Peter Holsgrove

Stani Kulechov

Tara Tan

TM Lee

And your hosts: Erica Kang, Franzi Heintel, Helena Flack, MP and Tupac, Raul Romanutti, Samantha Yap, Simona Pop, Stina Gustafsson ++