ICE ICE BABY: prepping for these next days in Berlin

We are super proud and happy to welcome all in our city once again. As we finalize details for the historical first conference about a…

ICE ICE BABY: prepping for these next days in Berlin
How I’m feeling these days

We are super proud and happy to welcome everyone in our city once again. As we finalize details for the first historical conference about a testnet, GörliCon. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ let’s go through some Department of Decentralization updates, and what to expect these next few days.

DoD Updates

  1. Still paperworking. Make it stop.
  2. We managed to set up GörliCon in spite of this.
  3. Our DAO is delayed, but we’ve been pretty awesome at achieving rough consensus, like twice: one for logo, one for drinks
  4. WE GOT AN IMAGE!!!!!!! Check the twitter thread on brand identity.
  5. We continue to update you on ETHBerlin’s projects, thanks to Helena’s ETHBerlin interviews (Sputnik and Pinata are up)
  6. We got new people in the team, and we’re working on a couple of pilot projects that (if they pass our voting) we’ll present to the public soon.
  7. The first pilot, “There’s no Such Thing as Blockchain Art” is about to be launched and discussed at ETHBerlin.
  8. Still paper working, this can’t be real.
  9. Lili + Afri + MP + Helena launched the Görli website and it’s fabulous.

These next days in Berlin

There has been a de-facto Blockchain week forming around AraCon 2019. We won’t call it “xxxx week” cause it’s cringe-worthy, but we recommend you to come, participate and enjoy.

Some events not to be missed:

  1. Ethereum Meetup Berlin: co-curated by the DoD, this new edition will feature Parity’s (Shasper implementation on Substrate) and Chainsafe’s (Lodestar) updates on their Eth 2.0, Elizabeth Binks will explain her work on ring signatures that got her the EF hackternship, Steven from Quantstamp will tackle security, and more. Join us.
  2. How hot is the GörliCon agenda? we managed to get some serious speakers, amazing topics, and a cool side track for non-tech people. Check it out. If you haven’t signed up, you will miss out. Here’s the Kickback link.
  3. AraCon, AraCon, AraCon: these guys went above and beyond for a solid line-up and you should attend for all the right reasons.
  4. D-gov community council — like decentralized governance? oh, is that why you are reading our blog? then come join the d-gov community!
  5. Parity meetup: a whole lotta content and a workshop on Substrate — sign up here.

The Aragon guys put together a list with more events, so we won’t do the hard work for you. Click here to find out more.

We hope to see you in our city soon, and if you have any questions — reach out!

Ps. ETHBerlin + dAppcon are under steady planning. We’ll begin to release information soon!