Berlin Crypto Capital — Ownerless, Permissionless, & No Single Point of Failure

Announcing our launch event hosted by Factory

Berlin Crypto Capital — Ownerless, Permissionless, & No Single Point of Failure

Announcing our launch event hosted by Factory

So, things are escalating quickly at ETHBerlin HQ, and it seems the hype is building up all around Berlin now. It goes a little something like this: a lot of us were volunteering or helping out somehow at the amazing ETHBuenosAires (hopefully we gave you enough FOMO through social media so guessing you don’t need anymore of it, so we won’t rub it in). We returned back to Berlin inspired. More united than ever and alongside more people ready to join the organizational crew.

In parallel to our Hackathon, we are all running around like headless chickens as our projects are starting to organize themselves for Tech Open Air, the biggest tech festival in Europe, where some of our leaders and visionaries will be speaking. The incredible team at Factory jumped in again — they seriously can’t stop being amazingly proactive and generous — and we have joined forces to do a launch event for ETHBerlin, called “Berlin Crypto Capital”. This event will be part of the TOA satellite series.

The event will focus on a Panel, formed by some of Berlin’s leading influencers, and an open call to action for collaboration towards what is to come in September (and lots of other surprises, which you will have to wait until you’re there because Factory has some great ideas to make this a great experience).

The Panel will include Lasse Clausen (1kx), Brian Crain (Epicenter Podcast), Bruce Pon (Ocean Protocol), Stefan George (Gnosis), Zoe Adamowicz (Neufund) and Robbie Bent (Truebit).

→ Sign-up link coming soon.

If you won’t be in Berlin, FEAR NOT, as Livepeer will be livestreaming as per usual.

Berlin Blockchain Week

When the time came for the ETHBerlin organizers to meet again, we started chatting about the possibilities that opened up for the city when hosting an event of such magnitude. Already our goal was clear, that we wanted to position Berlin as THE blockchain hub and it was a matter of connecting with all the different companies, projects and enthusiasts buidling and living here to understand that we were ready for something on a larger scale.

The need for collaboration and understanding that, even if Ethereum is our core focus, we are part of a wider ecosystem, TRIGGERED the no-brainer question: What about coming together as the large, passionate community that we are and hosting Berlin Blockchain Week? So, there was an additional open call that reached out to all companies in Berlin and they began to join us and self-organize unconferences, summits, talks and what not, independently and in a completely decentralized manner.

And we’re “open-sourcing” it, so there is a slack link in case you wanna jump in and join any of the events, or make a “pull request” for a new one.

The ETHBerlin team is up to the neck with organizing everything on top of our full time jobs, so we will take care of our own events at Factory, while other community members, projects and organizations are organizing other events around the week.

See where we’re going?! No single owner — no single point of failure. Decentralization at its finest.